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Mennonite Built is a TN based construction company that is dedicated to bringing you the finest product your dollar can buy! The crew consists of ambitious, thoughtful, hard working young men who have grown up in plain, Amish-Mennonite communities in KY and TN where quality work was expected.

As teenagers, they started full time jobs at the ripe age of fourteen and have been busy ever since. Myron Horst started his first business in his early 20s and has been known since then for the high-end work completed by him and his team. His eye for detail and his heart to serve others is carried out by the skilled group of guys that never cease to impress even the most scrupulous clients.

We Value Clients

Mennonite Built is centered in Nashville, TN but their reputation has taken them to many states and communities to turn people’s dreams into a reality. A reality they will feel safe to pass down to their children and grandchildren. Myron and his team are ready to help you through all stages of your construction needs. They are highly skilled in everything from a basic remodel, to building the estate of your dreams! And each one is completed with the same goal, “Treat each client the way we would want someone to treat our parents.”

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- Myron Horst, Owner